OUR PICKS for intermediate players

Here you'll find just a few of the many excellent intermediate level ukuleles available. We've picked out a few that we think would be a good buy.

Most ukuleles at this level generally have either have a solid wood top, or an all solid wood construction. For more info about the differences this can make, including more info about the many tonewoods available, just take a look at our FAQ. 


CóRDOBA 20CM concert ukulele

The Córdoba 20CM is a very popular ukulele here at Lord Uke, and for good reason. With its solid Mahogany top, great quality construction, wood rosette, included padded gig bag, and a rich, warm tone, the 20CM is excellent value at $329. 


Kala Travel Soprano UKUlele

The level of sound this little ukulele can project surprises almost everyone who hears it, and rightfully so, seeing as it's only a few centimetres thick. With a bright, punchy solid spruce top and included bag. $285.



One of aNueNue's latest offerings, the Makani line all sport a solid Sapele top, with a tone much like a Mahogany ukulele. At $419, it's better value than a lot of similar electrified Tenor Ukes.