OUR PICKS for intermediate players

Here you'll find just a few of the many awesome intermediate level ukuleles available. We've picked out a few that we think would be a good buy.

Most ukuleles at this level either have a solid wood top, or an all solid wood construction. For more info about the differences this can make, including more info about the many tonewoods available, just take a look at our FAQ. 


CóRDOBA 20CM concert ukulele

The Córdoba 20CM is one of the most popular ukuleles here at Lord Uke, and for good reason. With its solid Mahogany top, wood rosette, included padded gig bag, and a rich, warm tone, the 20CM is good value, and a good buy at $329. 


PONO solid acacia soprano

Pono is another of our favourite brands at Lord Uke, and 


leolani solid mahogany tenor

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