The ukulele is excellent for school use as a fun and more engaging alternative to the recorder, and is a great way to introduce kids to musical concepts such as chords, the chromatic scale, tuning, and stringed instruments as a whole. Many schools now offer a ukulele class or program, and over in Canada, ukuleles have been a big part of music education since 1968, and the same program is still currently in use in Canada today. 

The small size of a ukulele makes it easy for kids to pick up and play, and essentially any song can be learned and played very quickly.

Here are a few ukuleles which we think make the best choices for schools to use as a part of a ukulele program or class. 



At the 1939 World's Fair, Italian guitarist and inventor Mario Maccaferri saw plastic as the material of the future, and by 1949 he had started production of the very popular, all plastic Islander ukuleles. The Makala Waterman series of ukuleles are a rerelease of the Maccaferri ukuleles, and are popular with schools. Available in too many colours to list here, including completely transparent and and glow in the dark models, the Waterman is durable, waterproof, weatherproof- you name it. 

HUlala concert Ukulele

The aNueNue Hulala series of ukuleles are a great starting point for any uke player. This concert size ukulele will stay in tune, sound great, and each one comes with a durable nylon gig bag. 


anuenue aqua one & only 1

Another beginner offering from aNueNue, is their Aqua line of products, with a line up of simple ukuleles that are exceptionally well made. The One & Only comes with the gig bag shown, and includes a variety of stickers for the fret markers so that each ukulele can be personalised.