Vorson Electric Ukulele Telecaster Shape w/gig bag

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Vorson Electric Ukulele Telecaster Shape w/gig bag


This awesome Vorson Solid Body Electric Ukulele is a must have for any ukulele player who wants to experiment with the endless possibilities of plugging your instrument in and amplifying your sound. It also makes a great addition to the collection of any guitar player who appreciates the look of some of the worlds' most iconic guitar body shapes, and wants to expand their horizons into the ukulele realm.


  • Solid Body Construction

  • Neck & Bridge Pickups

  • Controls: 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone & Toggle Switch

  • Plain Steel Strings: 12 -18 -12 -16

  • Standard Ukulele Tuning: GCEA

  • Iconic Body Shape

  • Quality Machineheads

  • Comes with Carry Bag

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